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It’s all about the Hangers!

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Surprisingly, one of the first things I look at when I enter a client’s closet is the type of “hangers” they are using.  People don’t realize that if you don’t have the right hangers it can ruin your clothes.  Our wardrobe is an investment, so it only makes sense that we want to protect it.   Treating your closet to quality hangers will help extend the life of your clothes and also create more space.

Hangers should be versatile and have a natural shoulder shape that is supportive of the garment’s structure without stretching, tearing, or creasing it.  It should be durable and strong, the clothes shouldn’t slip off, and there should be no sharp edges or splinters that could snag clothes.  You also don’t need to spend a lot of money on hangers, but make sure you purchase the right ones.  Places like The Container Store and Bed Bath and Beyond offer a wide range of hangers to choose from, but knowing which ones are key.

Consider these options when you’re in the market for new hangers:

Basic Natural Wooden hangers are ideal for heavier items like jackets and coats or suits; simple, sturdy, and durable.  They also support and fit a variety of garments very well.

Hanger Wooden SuperiorNat5584G_x

Skirt/Slack hangers have a tough grip that are protected by vinyl casing that won’t tear delicate fabrics.

whitmor skirt and pant-hanger-pack-of-25

Flocked hangers are covered in slip-free fabric to prevent your clothes from falling off.

flocked hangers

Fabric Padded hangers are great for delicate fabrics like silk, satin, and lace.  They help protect delicate and expensive blouse, lingerie and other items such as sleepwear.

fabric padded hangers

Plastic hangers can work double duty for hanging slacks or blouses, but over time some of the hanger hooks will deform resulting in an uneven appearance that will make closets look cluttered.

plastic hangers


Absolutely NO wire hangers!!


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