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How to wear “stripes”?

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Let’s be honest, stripes have not only become a neutral, but they are a must-have in everyone’s closet!  There are so many ways to wear this popular print right now where do I begin.  This spring I purchased a blouse from JCrew that is navy and white stripe with gingham print on the ruffle sleeves that I just fell in love with!  I’ve created so many outfits with this blouse from red ankle pants to my yellow chino shorts.  The possibilities are endless.  There have been times that I’ve stepped into a client’s closet and created lots of outfits with just a striped shirt.  I know you’re wondering how that could be possible, but it’s easy!

Here are a few ideas that you can try at home with your “Stripes”.

  • Mixing textures-mixing different bright colors like oranges and red can be just as easy as mixing stripes. The key is choosing varies textures like; a linen dress with a straw tote.  Old Navy Striped Linen-Blend Dress; $33 & Old Navy Straw Tote; $30


  • Add some sheer– pair a sheer, lightweight sweater with a skirt made from a heavier fabrication, like denim. I like the pink stripe detail in the skirt… surprise!  Alexander Wang Striped Denim Mini Skirt; $225; & Dagmar Ruchi Striped Slub Sweater; $270;


  • Big, bold floral print– pairs beautifully with stripes, but try to keep them in the same color family, like blue.  JCrew Full-length linen in morning floral; $128

floral pant

The bottom line on lines is that they are here to stay and will make a statement within in your attire.  So the next time you come across your black and white stripe pants or your navy and off-white top don’t get frustrated get creative!!  As a stylist I want my clients to learn something from me that will help them take full advantage of their wardrobe.  I teach the fundamentals of fashion like; wearing the right colors, how to shop like a professional, what garments flatter your shape and how to invest in quality brands.  The services I provide will be “your” first step in getting back into feeling comfortable, confident and stylish in your wardrobe again!

Stay stylish,

Christina XO

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