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“Matchy-Matchy” vs Coordinated outfits

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Sometimes women end up limiting themselves on what to wear because they are wearing an outfit only one way.  This happens when you shop for head-to-toe “looks”.  As for my client Beth Harvey she needed Fashionality’s help to create new and fresh looks from her current wardrobe, but also wanted to learn how not to be so “matchy-matchy”. We talked about her style and how we were going to freshen up her wardrobe and get rid of looks that were flat and boring.  I helped her to understand that her outfits can be switched up with various colors and patterns along with accessories to give her a more cohesive look.  By doing so this will give her more clothing options!   I also suggested to her that she try coordinating her new clothes with her current wardrobe which will also maximize outfit potential.  By using her jewelry it created balance in her outfits, but also gave her the style she was looking for.   In the end, we created thirty new outfit combinations from her existing wardrobe while saving her money and loving her closet again.

Tip: When shopping, make a rule for yourself that each new piece you buy goes with at least three things your already have in your closet!!

Beth Harvey's outfits

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