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Feeling Beautiful at “40”

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A couple months ago I got the opportunity to work with Tamara Knight Photography and it was amazing!  I’ve taken pictures with different photographers before, but this was an experience that I just had to share!  I think as we get older some of us may feel that it takes a lot to feel and look beautiful.  As for me at 40 I often refer to myself as if I’m “aging like fine wine”.  (I’ve aged better as I’ve gotten older..I think)  But then there are those days when I look into the mirror and I see myself getting older, but one look at my pictures with Tamara and it all goes away! Let me tell you about it….

The day had come and it was time for my photo shoot.  It started with Caroline Van Haastert, who is her hair and make-up artist, she was able to give me a look that was natural, but stunning too.  Next it was time to change into my first outfit; I created 4 looks that I wanted her to take pictures of me in.  Then the magic began!  She was creating different backgrounds that would capture the images that would represent my business and brand.  As a personal wardrobe stylist image is very important, from the fit of your clothes, your style and the colors you wear.  I also learned a lot from her especially posing, which has helped me with my own photos.  It took several hours to capture those moments, but they were professional, beautiful and memorable.

Fifty pictures later and they all turned out better than I ever expected!  I bought each one knowing the photos had a purpose for not only my business, but for me as well!  Tamara is wonderful to work with and she truly made me feel like a model for the day!!  The work she does becomes art that showcases her client’s best qualities, personality and beauty! My picture is worth a thousand words… yours can too!!

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