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How your wardrobe transitions during weight loss.

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Losing weight took focus and determination but for my new client, Ninive Quintero, she knew it was time to get healthy.   During her transition from a size 12 down to a size 2, her body image changed quite a bit and so did her wardrobe.  As Ninive’s waistline started to shrink, she was able to wear some of her clothes but didn’t know what to wear that would flatter her new figure.  An individual’s body type affects how you should choose your clothes.  The trick is learning what kinds of shapes will balance your body, and what parts of your body you should conceal and reveal.  She wanted outfit combinations that gave her a more professional look, but also wanted to understand what clothes fit her new body type.

Our first step was to go through her closet and try on everything to see what fit and what didn’t.  Next, we started putting outfits together that complimented her new shape.  For example, I suggested she wear wide scoop-neck tops that square off her shoulders in order to balance her hips.  She needs to pick jeans that are dark colored like; black, charcoal, dark brown and navy for a slimming look.  An empire dress is great for her figure because it will pull the eye up and make her legs seem long.  Finally, we organized her clothes from casual to professional wear.   Now she can easily put outfits together, but most all she in no longer frustrated because now everything in closet fits right!!    She was so happy that I was able to create new outfits by mixing and matching from her exiting wardrobe and now she knows how to dress to fit her new figure.  She never knew getting dressed could be this easy!!

Ninive's before pic.Ninive ouftits



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