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Do you know your Personal Style?

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identifiy your style

“Fashions fade. Style is external.” These five simple works from designer Yves Saint Laurent sum up the philosophy of how trends come and trends go, but being stylish has real staying power!  In order to build a wardrobe one must know three things; their personal style, body shape and wearing the right colors.  The key to looking fabulous begins with identifying what your clothing personality is?!?   As a stylist this is the first step my clients have to take when it comes to their wardrobe needs and goals.  So whatever causes your wardrobe rut, I can help you understand the fundamentals of fashion!  Which will get you in the right direction of  feeling confident, comfortable, stylish and loving your wardrobe again!!!!

During my research I came across this amazing website called The Chic Fashionista that offers fashion advice and outfit ideas on how to dress classy but modern – as well as tips on how to improve your personal style!  They have this cool fashion style quiz that has been a great tool for my clients when trying to identify their “personal style”!  The quiz below is from their website, but I just added a little “Fashionality” flare to it!

Download the quiz below and see what your clothing personality is, I think you’ll be surprised!


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