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Workshop for the Youth at the Community Based Care of Central Florida

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One of the many things I love to do with my business is give back to the community.  So on Tuesday, April 4th I had the opportunity to speak to a group of teens from the Community Based Care of Central Florida on How to Dress for a Job Interview.  These teens were very excited to hear about a topic that will help them now and in the future when perusing a career.  Your clothes don’t just talk about you, they scream about everything from your socioeconomic status, taste and character to your self-image, attitude, personality and most important confidence!

In today’s society dressing professionally isn’t that important to some people. Especially dressing for interviewing or dressing for work.  As a personal wardrobe stylist I’m trying to help my clients and others to see how important this is.  When you dress professionally on the job your colleagues take you more serious, you take on more task, your work flow is strong and it sometimes encourages others to dress business professional too!

For my presentation I prepared a power point outline for them to follow as I spoke about women’s and men’s proper attire, wearing the right colors and personal grooming for an interview.  I also brought clothes so they had an actual visual while I was speaking about the different looks to wear on an interview.   I wanted them to know how important it is to dress properly on an interview and why it was so important.  In the end they were very impressed and thankful I was able to come out and talk to them.   It was a pleasure working with them and I look forward our next event!

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