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Fall in Love with your Wardrobe!

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To “Fall in Love with your Wardrobe” sounds easy, but can be challenging for some.  At times we get into this rut with our wardrobe which can create bad habits!  For example, we start wearing the same thing over and over again, we don’t like what we currently have or we go shopping to justify that fact we have “nothing to wear”!  It’s a problem most women face, but with my services and knowledge I can show you how to maximize your wardrobe that will lead into a love affair with your clothes!

In September Kate Spade at Mall at Millenia  had reached out to me regarding doing an event in their store.  I was super excited for this opportunity and couldn’t wait to get started with the planning.  I wanted a topic that people could relate to, but I also wanted to show them the potential they have in their wardrobe by using their Basics!  So I decided the topic would be “Fall in Love with your Wardrobe” and how to compliment it with Kate Spade’s collection.

On October 22nd the day of the event I created four looks using Kate Spade’s collection with their classic pieces that you can be worn year after year that work for every season.  For example, a white button-down blouse, cardigan, dark denim jeans or a black skirt are considered staples in your closet.  The event was a success and  THANK YOU to everyone that came out and supported Fashionality on Saturday, October 22nd for the Kate Spade New York event at The Mall at Millenia!

It was a great turn out and there was a take away that people really enjoyed! “Falling in Love with your Wardrobe” is easy now that you know your basics from your closet and core colors!!

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katespade-64    katespade-90     katespade-65

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