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Another Successful Story from Fashionality’s handbook

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When Fashionality starts working with new clients like Lissette Esteban, I schedule an initial consultation first to get to know one another and what their needs are.  During this process we discuss their lifestyle and fashion needs, determine and understand style goals and then assess and summarize the client’s closet to create a game plan.  When I started working with Lissette  I suggested she start with my closet services, where we tailored her closet to become more organized and created “functionality” which helped getting dressed in the morning much easier!  During this process, we went through her wardrobe to find out what needed to be eliminated.  She had garments that were either worn, didn’t fit or just out dated, but we were also able to recognize her keepers too.  Now the fun part come’s in when we try on the remaining clothes to put new looks together.  When you’re trying on each item you want to ask yourself these three important questions:

  1. Does it flatter my body?
  2. How did I feel the last time I wore it?
  3. Can I remember the last time I wore it?


Before picture of the closet


After picture of the closet

Just remember when you purge some of your clothes, it opens the door to replacing something new that you’ll love even more!  That day we put together 8 new outfit combinations, clothes for work, the weekend and going out/evening outfits, which put a new spin on her wardrobe.

IMG_3276    IMG_3277

The next step of her journey was personal shopping!   Personal shopping is a service that helps maximize success and minimize frustration.  My client’s learn which silhouettes, colors, quality of clothing and styles work best on them and where to shop for them.  We had created a “shopping list” of items that Lissette needed to round out her wardrobe.  Since I knew what brands she liked and because she was petite, mapping out what stores to go to was easy and made the shopping experience efficient.  We found her a great dress at Banana Republic that complimented her shape and added a statement to her wardrobe.  Ann Taylor is a store that caters to petite women so finding her some pants was a plus and professional shirts for work.

IMG_3661     FullSizeRender (25)

The important thing to remember is to build your closet around the life you’re living now.  If you spend most of your time at the office, buy work clothes.  If your primary interest is comfort, find ways to be practical yet stylish.  No matter how long it takes to build a wardrobe you love, you must have the right tools and know the fundamentals of fashion.  Fashionality can help you identify your personal style, understand style basics, choosing your colors and dressing professionally.  Let’s create your story together one garment at a time!


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