Recipe for Delicate Clothes…..

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I am finding that some of my clients are not properly washing their clothes or don’t know how to care for their delicate’s.  Although we think that just by tossing our clothes in the wash everything will come out clean, but actually we might be doing more harm than good.  The way we wash our clothes can affect many aspects of the garment!   Following these tips below will not only extend the life of your clothes, but it will also keep the colors vibrant, keep there shape and avoid fiber damage that will save you money!

Below are seven ways to extend the life of your garments so they always look new:

  1. READ the care instruction on all your clothes.
  2. Use delicate detergents like Woolite Extra Delicate Care. (available for dark’s too)
  3. Clothes that require gentle care need to be washed on delicate or the hand wash cycle of your washing machine.
  4. Turn your jeans/pants/shorts inside out or those garments that have lace, bows, sequins, ties or designs on them.
  5. Hang dry your delicate clothes.
  6. Separate your delicate clothes; for example all whites together and dark’s wash alone.

So the next time you wash your jeans, bras, silk shirts or favorite sweaters keep these tips in mind so your clothes will continue to look as Fabulous as you!!

Woolitehang dry clothespicture of delicates in a bag

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How to pack your style in one suitcase?

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With so many of us traveling this summer it’s not always easy to know what to pack!  Most of ladies like to pack our whole closet into one suitcase, which is no “bueno”.  That can leave us feeling unsure as to what outfits we brought or did we bring enough?  If you’re anything like me, all my accessories need to coordinate with my outfits, clutches are a must; and my outfits still need to exude my style!  This task can be stressful, but if you use my Travel Styling services, you’ll leave home feeling comfortable, confident and stylish!

Below are some tips used from the Travel Styling service offered:

  • Have an idea of what activities are being scheduled so you can plan your outfits accordingly.
  • Select your core pieces for example; 2 pair of jeans, 4 pairs of shorts, 1 dress…etc. this will help you tie in your shirts/blouses to create those outfits.
  • Next find your tops that will be versatile and go with all your core pieces using your accessories too.

Have a great week and just remember the next time you get stuck packing those outfits think of Fashionality!

outfit 1 for suite caseoutfit 2 for suitcaseoutfit 3 for suitcasesuitcase

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Mixing Prints

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Mixing Prints

Mixing prints and patterns!! It’s a bold and fashionable way to play with your wardrobe. It allows you to create outfit combinations you probably never would have imagined look good together. Check out this “Floral Sleeve Tunic” dress I’m wearing from Ampersand Avenue.  Not only can this dress be worn casual or dressed up, but 20% of the proceeds are donated to the ASPCA until the end of May when you purchase this stylish little number!!!

This dress can be easily dressed up too! I paired it with a basic black pump (Michael Kors), diamond studded earrings and a strand of pearls.


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