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Why is having a personal shopper so important?

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My client Beth Wilson was asking herself that very question when it came down to shopping.  Most of the time when ladies go shopping we either purchase clothes that we don’t end up wearing or can’t find what we are looking for.   It seems like were always in a rush, not focused and then we don’t take the time to try anything on, can all be frustrating!!!

Personal shopping was an experience that Beth enjoyed with the peace of mind knowing that she was shopping with a professional who knows her style, sizes and what she needed! Shopping with a personal stylist came be encouraging, educational and can save you money on unnecessary purchases.  After a recent styling session, we put together a shopping list of what she needed to round out her wardrobe.  We started at Francesca’s where we picked up some accessories that will make her outfits pop!

Our next plan of attack was shoes, but we needed to find the right style, size and brand.  Beth is petite so a heel that is too-high would make her look off balance.  We were looking for a kitten heel that works great with everything from a mid-calf length cocktail dress to office attire.  I also explained to her that different brands don’t always fit the same in size.  For example, she was a size 6 in Calvin Klein and a 6.5 in MK.  Taking the time to try them on and knowing your size is important.  We also got her some really cute blouses that brought more color to her closet and would create more outfit combinations.

In the end, she realized shopping with a professional and having a plan is the most effective way to make use of her time and money.  So the next time your shopping trip is unsuccessful or your struggling as to what to buy then it’s time to go shopping with Fashionality!

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