Coloring Correcting Make-up Class and Styling Workshop Event!

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Last Saturday Fashionality got the opportunity to do another event with http Just Blow It-Blow Dry Bar!  They talked about Coloring Correcting and I handled the styling portion of the event; How to Build Your Wardrobe with Your Best Colors!  Everyone can wear color-it all comes down to knowing the right shade of colors that look great on you.  The first thing people notice about you is the color you are wearing. The “right” colors can brighten your eyes, even out your skin tones and you’re guaranteed a compliment.   Here are a couple of simple test to help you identify if you’re colors are a “warm” or “cool”!

  • Look at the palms of your hands; if you see blue, pink, red-violet or rosy tones, you are likely to look best in cool colors. If you see peach, golden, bright warm red or coral tones, warm colors are most likely your best colors.
  • Grab two pieces of jewelry; silver and gold. Hold each against your skin and see which looks best on you. If gold looks best, you’re warm, if silver looks best, you’re a cool. If both look equally good, you’re a neutral.

This is only the beginning of this process, but the good news is I’m here to help!  If you struggle with not knowing what colors look good on you or you don’t know how to add them in your wardrobe…give me a call! I would love help you understand your style, body shape and what are your best colors.

Thank you again Just Blow-Blow Dry Bar It for having me, we had a great time!! I look forward to your next topic!

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Do you know your Personal Style?

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“Fashions fade. Style is external.” These five simple works from designer Yves Saint Laurent sum up the philosophy of how trends come and trends go, but being stylish has real staying power!  In order to build a wardrobe one must know three things; their personal style, body shape and wearing the right colors.  The key to looking fabulous begins with identifying what your clothing personality is?!?   As a stylist this is the first step my clients have to take when it comes to their wardrobe needs and goals.  So whatever causes your wardrobe rut, I can help you understand the fundamentals of fashion!  Which will get you in the right direction of  feeling confident, comfortable, stylish and loving your wardrobe again!!!!

During my research I came across this amazing website called The Chic Fashionista that offers fashion advice and outfit ideas on how to dress classy but modern – as well as tips on how to improve your personal style!  They have this cool fashion style quiz that has been a great tool for my clients when trying to identify their “personal style”!  The quiz below is from their website, but I just added a little “Fashionality” flare to it!

Download the quiz below and see what your clothing personality is, I think you’ll be surprised!


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Contouring Class and Styling Workshop at Just Blow It-Blow Dry Bar

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On Saturday, July 15th I got the opportunity to be a guest speaker at Just Blow-Blow Dry Bar  We had ten amazing ladies attend the Contouring and Highlighting Class and they were also part of my styling workshop, on Great Body Chic Style!  Only 1% of women can correctly identify their own body shape, so understanding your shape helps you know what clothes flatter your figure! If you are an apple, a pear or an hourglass is all part of knowing your style!  We had a great turn out and thank you again ladies at Just Blow It for having me!  Stay tuned for the next one in August!
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