Hello 2017!

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With a start of New Year, comes a resolution or new goals?  For me it’s goals… last year (2016) was a challenging year for me and my family.  We had some health issues, financial stress and two people in the family who are entrepreneurs…wow!  So while last year was ending and 2017 was starting I decided to do a “vision board” that would hopefully keep me on track and create some positive energy.  Some might ask what’s a “Vision Board”?  A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal (s)

There are certain goals that are very important to me and I feel I should have accomplished them by now.  So that leads me into my next question, are we on a time table of where we should be in life? I say, “No”, but for some reason I seem to put myself on one.  I often tell myself that I need to enjoy the journey not so much the destination!  I definitely believe that and find myself enjoying those special moments with my daughter or how rewarding my job is after all the work I put into it.  Being a mom and an entrepreneur is the biggest and toughest job I will ever have…..I often tell myself  “breathe Christina”!

Life is full of ups, downs and curves in the road, but you just have to take it one day at a time.   I’m ready for 2017 and so is Fashionality!  The love I have for my business is crazy, each year I see it growing and building the brand. Each new client I take on is rewarding because I see how they gain confidence in their new wardrobe, but most of all they learn about their style!!

I’m excited to announce the NEW services I’ve added; Virtual Styling, Personal Shopping for “Men”, Corporate workshops/events and Gift Certificates.  I’ve also got some events lined up the New Year too…so keep your eyes peeled!  It’s going to be a great year and I look forward to helping and taking on new clients, presenting at events on the fundamentals of fashion and doing what I LOVE!!

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A Fashion Day Soire!

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Business Card Final Front

Join me for a morning of Fashion and VIP shopping at Downtown Divas!!  All attendees will get to meet and shop with our preferred Stylist, Christina Marsico-Harvey with Fashionality!  I will discuss the latest trends and show you some outfits that will have you looking chic!!

When: Saturday, February 11th

Time: 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

Where: Downtown Divas Boutique 2560 East Colonial Drive Orlando, FL

Please RSVP by Monday, February 6th, space is LIMITED! to

The first 20 ladies get a swag bag!

Experience this EXCLUSIVE Red Carpet styling and shopping event.  Enjoy Mimosas, personalized styling tips, door prizes and 15% OFF purchases!

Come be a part of our SPECIAL shopping extravaganza!


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4 Tips in Finding the Perfect Purse!

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The holidays are here and some of us will be purchasing a beautiful purse for that someone special on our list! So before you go out and spend tons a money on brand name purses you first must know the basics.  A women’s handbag is our most trusted accessory it completes an outfit, but also carries our everyday life essentials.  We trust it with everything probably; too much that’s why we have to be selective when choosing the right handbag.  Here are four tips that will help you find that right style for that someone this Christmas!!

How does it look?

Just because you see this gorgeous purse hanging up or on a shelf doesn’t mean it’s the right one for you! “Try it on” like you would a dress at a full-length mirror, looking at every angle.  Look at bags that work with your size, not against it.  A woman with a fuller bust should look into a bag that hits at or below the waist, which is more flattering.  If you have wide hips then you should look for a short shoulder bag (Lush Life Hobo bag from Nine West) that sits under the arm.  My aunt who is petite looks great with a shorter shoulder strap on a bag, if it’s too long it will drag her down.  Colors also play a big part in purchasing a purse, for example you want a purse that blends nicely with your core colors from your wardrobe.  It should also be stylish enough to take anywhere with confidence.   Each season pantone comes out with colors that are trending, so be careful when buying that one color because you might only use it one time or not liking it again.


How does it feel?

Does it sit nicely under your arm or on your shoulder? Is it light enough? Test it out by putting some of your stuff in it to make sure it isn’t too heavy.  You also want to keep in mind the weight of the purse. Sometimes details and hardware can make for heavy lifting after a while.  A handheld bag,  (cove street provence from Kate Spade) or worn across the body or a backpack is the best option for heavy-duty carring.  You might also want to look at the strap too because they come in different textures, fabric and width that can determine how it feels and fits on your shoulder.


Will it keep me organized?

There are two ways to organize your bag: interior and exterior pockets (Liz Claiborne Maritime bag from JC Penny or one with zippered pouches (Mason from Sole Society to keep items separate.  With a medium-size or large day bag you definitely want at least one or two pockets for everything, or you’ll waist time digging around for your keys or cells phone.  Also be sure the bag is secure enough, with a zipper, button, embedded magnet, or flap for closure.

interior-and-exterior-pockets-purse     zippered-pouches

Is it worth all that money?

The quality is in the details, so make sure that the seams are straight and the stitching is even.  You need to check zippers and other closures and make sure they work without a struggle.  Also take a look at the edges as they should be finished and the lining should be soft, but sturdy.  I would also suggest that you do some research on certain brands.  Some brands and styles are meant for different occasions, activities or events.  For example, embellishments like sequins, stones and crystals are seen more on evening style purses or clutches (Sondra Roberts Crystal Embellished Velvet Box clutch from Nordstrom),   There are also purses that are a structured for everyday use.  For example, nylon is versatile (Tory Burch Ella Beaded Logo Nylon Mini Tote)  it’s a weather-repellant fabric and then there is a leather handbag.  A leather purse is a durable, breathable material and lasts a long time.   Causal bags like totes or canvas bags are sometimes used based on your activities that day.   Totes are great for carring paperwork, a laptop or a just a fun day at the beach.

clutch      nylon-tote

A purse is an important accessory that we just can’t take for granted or rush into a purchase.   I suggest you try it on, ask yourself, “will it go with my wardrobe”? and does it fit my body shape?  So take the time to choose your bag well!!  Next time you’re in the market for a new purse and need help…. bring along the style expert from Fashionality and I’ll make sure we find the PERFECT bag!!!



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